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Old 2005-03-17, 14:32
New Blood
Join Date: Mar 2005
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screaming/growling w/o damaging voice?

i read a lot of people on here saying that growling or screaming improperly can damage you voice. now, how in the fuck would you do that type of vocal work safely?
Old 2005-03-17, 14:50
Senior Metalhead
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My guess is -- Either you can, or you can't. I figure that the singers who do it have simply toughened up their voices (not to mention respected it and took care of it) over the years to where it doesn't hurt em at all. But if it's not safe to do with a certain voice, then you'll probably notice quite quickly. I'm no expert, but my advice is don't strain it or anything silly like that and it shouldn't ever be damaged. If your voice can take it, then it'll take it. Period. I think, though, that the more "screaming" side of singing is more apt to damage you than the "growling". I definitely find that the growling-like sound is easier on my voice (don't know why). So just go with whatever your voice tells you. Because if screaming/gowling is going to damage a particular person's voice, then they're kind of screwed (how the fuck can you make it easy on yourself to scream?). Soooooo, I say don't worry about it. I'm sure not many of those bands do. It can take it (your voice, that is).
Old 2005-03-18, 00:24
New Blood
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Exactly. Keep in mind that you should look into actual lessons on actual singing, if you haven't already. It helped me tremendously, and I growl for the most part, but I actualy do anything from clean singing to slayer-ish yells, to growling. So, some techniques, stuff you learn from proffessionals or just teachers, will help a lot.

Remember, no matter what you do, you should always keep a close inspection of your voice. if you feel bad doing something, look into it, it could require getting used to it, or it could actualy be damaging you. Screaming is much more tense if you do it the wrong way, growling can be just as bad if you combine it with screaming.

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Old 2005-03-18, 10:49
New Blood
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gotta take it slow

I agree with what the others said. I'm fairly new to singing metal, and I looked around on the net heaps to get some good advice and the best I found was by a guy called Mark Baxter. You gotta learn how to produce the sound with the minimum effort, experiment. If it hurts or strains then you're not doing the right way for you, try and relax and always warm up for at least 15 - 20 minutes before trying it, I have to anyway.

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Old 2008-02-14, 18:24
New Blood
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There is a unique way to bring the cords together that will allow multiple spots on the cords to either release several different notes or work in conjunction with the upper pharynx to produce grit without hurting yourself and it all depends on how you support the tone and where you focus that sound. I teach the technique theough online lessons and through my books. I actualy screamed for 8 hours on a Sunday competing aginst 20+ opera singers to appear on Good Morning America to shatter a wineglass with my voice using an amplifier. I watched pro opera singers drop like flies while attempting this. I literally screamed all day and night long, went to the hotel and went to be. Woke up at 4 AM and warmed up then appeared on GMA to beat out the best Opera singer they had...Then I went on to set the world record for first documented singer to shatter a wineglass by voice alone on the show MythBusters. Now this is only one type of sound. If you want grit, growl, multi-demonic sounds, whistle tones and/or more octaves vocally, then check out my sites

Jaime Vendera
Old 2008-02-14, 20:50
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