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Old 2005-02-26, 00:53
Fat Bastard
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Question GK or Ampeg?

Here's the shin-dig. My friend is looking for a bass amp. he's narrowed it down to an Ampeg SVT-350 Classic with a SVT 8X10 cab and a Gallien Krueger Backline 350 Full stack with the works. any suggestions?
Old 2005-02-26, 23:59
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Haha, a bit biast on my side, go for the ampeg, even though ive never tried a Gallien krueger, you just cant go wrong with ampeg, but if hes really confused, just make sure he tries them both out..
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Old 2005-03-22, 22:59
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im a guitarist but my ex drummer/bassist knows his shit because of his previous experience with shows and bands he says ampeg all the way and i trust him
Old 2005-03-30, 22:11
My Ass, Your Face
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I've heard Gallien Krugers are really good but i've never played out of oen so I'll have to pick Ampeg, thats what kind of amp I play in my band.
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Old 2005-03-30, 22:13
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AMPEG for life
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Old 2005-03-30, 22:59
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Originally Posted by Bass_slapped_2_death
AMPEG for life

Old 2005-04-05, 22:06
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I would have to agree with the rest...Ampeg is just a level above all the rest!
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