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Old 2005-01-25, 23:57
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Exhumed type screams

I mostly do raspy screams like Carcass/ Exhumed/ Impaled style. I drink some warm milk sometimes tea. And put a warm compress on my throat. I can do Carcass/Impaled almost perfect. However I am having some trouble with the Matt Harvey screams of Exhumed. Does anyone have any suggestions on how Matt gets his voice that high and raspy? When I do it I usually don't sound as high as him. I don't want to force it out and shit my pants but if anyone has any techniques,drinks, or what not. Let me know.
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Old 2005-01-26, 00:13
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I've talked to him before, he said "I just drink beer and scream as abrasively as I can". So I don't think it has anything to do with technique, it's just something he can do.
Old 2005-01-26, 01:35
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Well one thing Matt doesn't do the high screams, he does the death vocals. Mike and Ross did the high screams. Anyways, both screams and death vocals come naturally to me so I can't really help you.
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Old 2005-01-26, 01:38
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i would stay away from milk as that's something to help with low vocals.
try warm water, as disgusting as it is, it's not as thick and gluggy as milk so this should be better for high vocals. if you can't stand it, try black coffee.
Old 2005-01-26, 01:57
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coffee is good

this is the type of vocals im most interested in doing, seeing as i have a fairly high and nasally talking voice as it is. check out the intro on disc two of exhumed's platter of splatter...just the guy talking in his death voice

really clear and easy to hear
Old 2005-01-26, 02:58
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I'm sure this thread has exausted; I know it might be a pain, but there are-that I know of- like 2-3 other threads with info about "what to drink" and shit like a man and drink whiskey.
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