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Old 2005-01-14, 23:24
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New Blood
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New kinds Vocals

I'm finding that having the new vocal style is becoming a big thing these days. 3 Inches of Blood really surprised me with their high raspy singing, especially under the mainstream label that is Roadrunner.

Does anyone here find that introducing a new method of singing can add to a band? Or do you think that the best vocals have already been done? I'm trying to find a style that suits me right now. So far I'm leaning towards a mix of clean melodic singing and a voice like Gollum from Tolkien's books, depending on the theme of the lyrics.
Old 2005-01-15, 07:07
New Blood
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Well of course. Especialy if your band fits under a sertain metal genre, you need to adjust and make your vocals stand out from the rest, of that same genre.

My band is following the heavy/extreme metal scene (or scandinavian if you will), bands like Sinergy, Bodom, Dimmy, etc. I whent from just finding my own personal growl, and the way I do it, all the way to experimenting with synths (and not being afraid to admit that I use them).

So yes, finding your own nich and making it original, even if you fir under a sertain genre, can be hard, but worth it and adds character to the band.

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