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Old 2005-01-13, 16:38
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how do i get that squeeling, screachy kind of sound on my guitar? :s i dunno how to and have tried everything.

its not wah and i think you do it while using distortion...i hope you know what im talking about...

Old 2005-01-13, 17:31
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pinch harmonics?? like zakk wylde does a lot? I don't know what you're talking about lol.
Old 2005-01-13, 18:27
fatdanny's Avatar
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there is a sticky official pinch/artificial harmonics thread that will probably help
Old 2005-01-13, 18:31
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do you mean mean pinch harmonics? if not, maybe natural harmonics or the use of a pitch shifter maybe?
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Old 2005-01-13, 18:32
Amon rA's Avatar
Amon rA
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if its not pinch harmonics it could be pick scratching/sliding?
scrape your pick down the length of the low (wound) strings.

give an example of where you heard it.
or a not so vague description
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Old 2005-01-13, 20:02
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lol..... pick up a guitar magazine. this is the kind of basic stuff they talk about.

btw, pick scraping was cool in 84. not now....its just irritating
Old 2005-01-13, 20:55
Join Date: Oct 2004
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i may have decribed it wrong, but it sounds screachy to me, llisten to lamb of god - laid to rest

and its pretty much there from the start

i think it goes, 2-2-2-2-3

the "3" is the "screachy" bit im talking about
Old 2005-01-13, 21:05
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Pinch harmonic...
Old 2005-01-13, 21:09
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Yeah, its pinch harmonics. Theres entire stickied thread on it.
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Old 2005-01-13, 22:12
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ok thankx, im sorry
i will make it up to some of you (not sure if all of u will appreciate it) with my next post
Old 2005-01-14, 00:33
fatdanny's Avatar
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you didn't realise that you were talking about pinch harmonics so it's fair enough in my opinion
Old 2005-01-14, 01:12
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Nooo. It's not like theres a sticky about it!
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