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Old 2005-01-09, 13:28
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Question Best Punk Bassists?

I know alot of people here probably dont like punk....but I was wondering your opinions on who you think some of the best punk bassists are? And i don't mean "punk" like Green Day, or Simple Plan, or Sum 41, or Blink 182 or any of that shit, I hate it lol, tis not even punk anyways....Im talking real punk like Rancid, the Casualties, NOFX etc....

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Old 2005-01-09, 17:35
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dude, i get flamed for talking about slipknot which is nu-metal (and rightely so), i seriously doubt people here wont give you a hard time for starting a topic about punk bassists.

i suggest you give up now...closed the tread...delete it...and lets never speak about this ever again!

and im sure a lot of people here would kno fuck all about punk bassists, i may be wrong but whatever.

btw...flea roooooles :P...n00b
Old 2005-01-09, 17:38
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this is rediculous.

its allways Matt Freeman who wins this anyway. or the guy from rise against / 88 fingers louie.

its a metal website though, so this will be closed.
Old 2005-01-09, 18:11
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Matt freeman wins this hands down, but then again this is a metal site, and it was a big mistake making this thread.

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