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Old 2004-11-24, 22:12
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Stick bass

Anyone heard of these things. I've seen them played, but they are extreemely pricey, go to to see them they have videos of guys playing them. It's like a guitar and a bass and a piano all in one they come in 8,10,12 and 14 strings at least that's all I've seen but it's gotta be the most insane instrument I've ever seen.
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Old 2004-11-24, 23:38
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Yeah i came across that site 2 years ago, its amazing what that guy can do with it, and to be able to concentrate on 2 things at once, the bassline and the guitar part. its an amazing instrument, and i would love to have a go on one.

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Old 2004-11-25, 00:26
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that shit looks fucking cool.
i'd imagine they'd take awhile to get a hang of.
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Old 2004-12-17, 02:31
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Dang...that's insane man. be fun to play when you learn to REALLY shread.
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