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Old 2002-05-03, 21:32
New Blood
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Zhorn - "The Watcher"

Lyrics from the song my band Zhorn wrote...

"The Watcher"
I see you just standing there
Nervously pulling out your hair
Wandering around the house
Thinking that sound was just a mouse
But that sound, see, it was me
I'm waiting for the time to make you bleed
Rip out your heart, then eat it, too
That is what I'll do to you

Look at you know, you're in your room
Sweeping up the dirt with that broom
I should beat you with that wood
For what you've done, I probably should
But not quite yet, it's not your time
You have to commit the crime
But when you do, I'll be there soon
Just you and me underneath the moon...
Mother and Father Crow gave birth to us all, and in return we mutilated them on Christmas Eve. Family values must be preserved...
Old 2002-10-09, 06:01
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sorry, but those lyrics sound like you were forced to write them...
or smth like it... some parts like:

you wander around your house
thinking that sound was just a mouse

(...or smth i cant remember it,) sound like things I use to wrote on the 3 grade...
sure, poetry is good in songs but it doesnt have to rhyme in every line. take a look at Rhapsodys lyrics... I think it is...
Doom what thou wilt

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