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Old 2004-10-31, 05:25
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polls sticky

i noticed there has been a lot of band polls lately (emperor-mayhem, slayer-pantera and of course cannibal corpse-britney spears ) so i was thinking, to cut down on the number of threads, maybe the poll thread could be open for one week (unless it is deliberately stupid) and after 168 hours it could be closed, the results posted in a sticky, and then the original one deleted.

what you think?
Old 2004-10-31, 11:13
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The Doctor
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i think an official "no vs. threads" warning in the rules
Old 2004-10-31, 16:16
Credit to Dementia
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Originally Posted by The Doctor
i think an official "no vs. threads" warning in the rules

They're harmless. That's like telling people not to have opinions on threat of post deletion. They're annoying, true, but none of your other rules are on the basis of annoyance. I'm sure that, if they were, a few more members would have been banned and threads closed.
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Old 2004-10-31, 17:12
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Polls are GHEY.
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Old 2004-10-31, 17:36
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unless its a strip pole
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Old 2004-11-01, 02:00
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thats known as "The vertical pole"
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