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Old 2004-10-02, 06:01
New Blood
Join Date: Oct 2004
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2lk on the web

Cum watch me suck myself off! YES ITS REAL!


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Old 2004-10-02, 08:05
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Take your band and shove it.
Stand your ground behind the times
And refuse to follow fashion
Write your poetry in anger
And then sing it with a passion
Painted faces in a circus
Images they brings to mind
When I read my Penny Dreadful
Filled with pictures of your kind
Old 2004-10-02, 09:23
Chris Rezendes's Avatar
Chris Rezendes
Attorney at Bird Law
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Is September the month of idiots, or what? I swear there wasn't nearly the same number of spam posts or idiot newbies flowing through in July. Maybe I don't remember July well. Maybe I'm only noticing now because they are more vocal. Either way, there are too many fucking jackasses coming here.
Trust in god, he'll give you shoes!
Old 2004-10-02, 10:46
BeastOfCarrion's Avatar
Pokémon Master
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we need some kind of system where we pit the newbies into mortal combat with eachother, once they have all faught, the ones who are still alive can join!
"Press Ctrl+w to enter: The realm of Power Metal!" - a promise from johnmansley
Tonight on CSI: Blashyrkh -
(x.x) (> <)
Somebody has decapitated an innocent rabbit, can Abbath solve this crime before more innocent bunnies are hurt?
Old 2004-10-02, 16:48
Supreme Metalhead
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Originally Posted by ChrisRezendes
Is September the month of idiots, or what?

It's October now, dude!

But you've definately got a point. There has been a horrible amount of newbs coming here lately.
seems like you got a case of stupidphobia
Old 2004-10-02, 17:00
Riggs's Avatar
Senior Metalhead
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I joined in September
Riggs with Twiggs owns Niggs with Siggs

"Choices always were a problem for you.
What you need is someone strong to guide you.
Deaf and blind and dumb and born to follow,
what you need is someone strong to use you...
like me..." ~Maynard

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