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Old 2004-09-27, 02:40
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Is 'Learn Guitar and Bass - Interactive Guitar Lessons' any good?

On the main website page, there is an ad for 'Learn Guitar and Bass - Interactive Guitar Lessons' ( They claim it's very good, but is it really? Come Christmas, when I get my guitar, I want something good that can teach me, though I do not feel like spending large sums of money on a real guitar teacher (or feel like struggling to learn it myself). Have any of you used this thing?
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Old 2004-09-27, 03:50
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I have no idea about that site. But if you want something to teach you, a few cheap lessons or a book would help.

It only costs $25 - $27.50 at Dicksons music in Chatswood (Sydney), per lesson. I got a few myself, and will probably get one or two more in the future. The instructional booklets may be a bit boring, but they can be useful. I only bought one, myself.

I suggest getting just one or two lessons so you can get your technique right, and then learn how to read tabs (it's easy), then find some of the songs you like and learn the easy bits and work up to the hard bits.
Old 2004-09-27, 16:30
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yeah I think you should take lessons, I've only had three lessons with a guitar teacher yet and it has helped me ALOT
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Old 2004-09-27, 19:35
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Yeah guitarandbass is a good instructional site, i've 'subscribed' (i'm putting it like that because it was a one of payment of like 12) and its helped me quite a bit with the basics.
It has a video for each of the 30-40 lessons where the guy shows you how to do it and the lesson itself is a fretboard and it has numbers on it relating to which fingers you play each fret with etc it also has a tuner and built in drum machine, different tunes for each lesson I believe that can give you something to play to. Each lesson can be played each note individually, with a picture that instantly updates for each chord played. It covers riffs, licks, chords, some scales, general soloing, alternate picking......
The real letdown was the type of music it teaches you in each lesson, although i'm not narrow-minded musically, all it seemed to be was funky jazz, not really my cup of tea.
If you do choose to buy it then take it steadily, each lesson you should spend about 2-3 hours on and RECAP each time you pick your guitar up, theres nothing as annoying as forgetting what youve learned.
Hope this has helped

PS my friend has purchased an account for he says its alot better and i'm going round his to check it out tommorow, i'll write back here what I think of it

PPS; Heres a lesson to give you a sample of what it is it doesnt contain the videos because its only a free lesson but it'll give you an idea of what it's like

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Old 2004-09-27, 19:38
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A guitar teacher would be the best thing you could do if you're just starting out.
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Old 2004-09-27, 19:50
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If you go with the website and not with a teacher, make sure you know someone who plays and knows what their doing. If you don't, you could try to make some stupid adjustment you don't need to make or the guitar could be seriously fucked and you might not realize it.

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