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Old 2004-09-21, 06:51
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Deleting 'I'm New' Threads

This is seriously starting to piss me off. We have four 'I'm New' threads on the first page of Chit Chat, it never used to be this bad. Whether they're just regulars trolling, or stupid noobs making them, i think those threads should be deleted ASAP, unless they are contributing something useful.

Also post a warning about it in the RULES sticky of Chit Chat.

Well that's my idea, thanks for reading, please comment
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Old 2004-09-21, 08:32
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didnt we already discuss this a couple of times, i found one of the threads anyway
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Old 2004-09-21, 11:47
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for once he makes a good point.

n00b threads crack the shits out of me too, thats a good idea adding a "no n00b" rule to the, well, rules.
i mean come on, JewMetalCustard makes not one, but two threads because "oh perhaps my other one wasnt good enough"

if they keep it real short and to the point then its only just acceptable but we dont want a 2-hour long thread about how "i totally dig nu-metal, rock and rap, but im true gr1m metal too because i like dimmu borgir and in flames too, im ashamed of listening to rap and nu-metal but dont diss me because its just my expression, im unique because i have such diverse musical tastes" etc etc.

meh, thats my two cents worth.
Old 2004-09-21, 11:55
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Ho-hum. Well, whatever. Deleting the existing threads isn't the key to prevention. I -could- post something in the rules. We shall see.
Old 2004-09-21, 14:08
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Stop closing them and just delete them. It takes down the clutter of closed threads.
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Old 2004-09-21, 14:16
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Can't be arsed at the moment, but will do. I'll delete them in the future instead. I'll post something in the rules now.

Case closed.

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