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Old 2004-09-09, 22:38
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Best Drumset

Whats the best (or favorite) drumset you've ever played on?

Mine was an old slingerland drumset from like the 60s.
It had a really awesome tone to it.
Hell Awaits
Old 2004-09-10, 02:39
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Old 2004-09-10, 02:42
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Originally Posted by younguitarist

fucker you stole my masterworks!
( ( ) )
Old 2004-09-10, 04:53
NZ black metal drumm
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I never got one of those.

the best I ever played on was an over 10 piece kit that one of my local music shops had, it was see through blue!!!! and had like an 18" AND a 20" floor tom and it had some other percussion crap like monkey skulls etc. it was soooo awesome!!!
shame it was NZD$10,000.....

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