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Old 2004-09-06, 17:00
Exploding Lobster's Avatar
Exploding Lobster
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*The Guitar Stronghold*

MMM'kay guys, lets try to build a little commuinty inside guitar

This thread is for non-guitar related general discussion, I know chit chat is for this, but I don't really like Chit Chat, so.....

(Sticky Please)
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Old 2004-09-06, 17:16
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sticky up your ass!

fucking mxtabber
Old 2004-09-06, 17:17
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The Doctor
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fucking retard
Old 2004-09-06, 17:23
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Old 2004-09-06, 17:26
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and then lets build a fort, with pillows, and then we can touch each other
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Old 2004-09-06, 17:30
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only people with 1,000+ posts should even think about making a thread then having the gonads to say "make it a stickey" with FEW not being one
no one can tell you to turn down your amp unless they're of higher skill or in your band
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Old 2004-09-06, 17:58
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Atleat this guy acual does shit... like the buying guide.

But get used to Chit Chat, cause that were random useless post like these shall be.
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Old 2004-09-06, 19:08
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This guy is no ordinary n00b so Im not really gonna flame him. Only, chit chat is there for a reason. Guitar zone is here for a reason too, for guitars.
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Old 2004-09-07, 02:15
Exploding Lobster's Avatar
Exploding Lobster
New Blood
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Posts: 29
Well I am sorry I am a member of the MX forums, but I like it there and I almost never post in anything else than There stronghold.....But I am happy I am getting any kind of comments, so I can improve myself
"Excellent" - Waynes World

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