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Old 2004-09-06, 03:13
feetunderwarpath's Avatar
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rating power tabs

Is it breaking a rule when you rate power tabs? No one ever rates them. Is that just because a very small amount of people use them or what?
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Old 2004-09-06, 06:17
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my power tab has been rated
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Old 2004-09-06, 10:23
Infinity's Avatar
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a small amount of people use them.
Old 2004-09-06, 11:03
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Old 2004-09-12, 06:52
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.TXT filea should be illegal!!!
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Old 2005-06-18, 21:55
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Shame on them!... I found out it's quite much simpler to learn from a PT than a normal one, especially those damn hard solos.

And besides, transcribing powertabs is... fun
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Old 2005-12-08, 09:33
New Blood
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I get the impression that half the people that rate powertabs don't look at them, seeing as how my april ethereal and isolation years ones got a 1 star rating from someone and have only gotten 5s (and a lot of them) on other sites, and I KNOW that they're more than 1/5 accuracy rating. Granted the Isolation Years one has some problems, but overall this site should require comments and rating breakdowns methinks. I am not a fan of nazis rating my tabs 1 just cause they started out with 5 and the person disagrees with a note or something. Unless the raters are just DEAF.

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Old 2005-12-08, 18:01
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@ wankerness, some peeps are just assholes and rate 1's unfortunatly

< no wonder hes mad!!
Old 2005-12-09, 09:18
New Blood
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Yeah, extremely annoying that the tabs hardly get rated at all in the first place and thus enough real ratings don't balance it out so I look like I'm a sucky tabber ;_;
Old 2005-12-09, 14:05
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Originally Posted by Infinity
a small amount of people use them.

I've noticed this about many of my thrash tabs.... apparently 35 year old nostalgic metal guys don't like any of that new fangled software
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