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Old 2004-08-09, 22:30
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list of all the power tabs

Is there a way for me to sort all the pt tabs from this site? If not i think there should
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Old 2004-08-09, 22:58
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everything is only sorted by band and then CD, you would hae to go through every letter to look specifically for powertabs
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Old 2004-08-10, 08:52
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I will write the new search script which will also allow to search by tab type. Expect it in August/September.
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Old 2004-08-10, 17:55
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Nomad you are god.
Originally Posted by Timedragon
i clicked on time... cause im timedragon
Old 2004-08-17, 02:33
Pussy Pulverizer
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That's a good Idea. I was just thinking the same thing myself when I logged on to the main page.
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Old 2004-09-17, 11:08
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Goddamn, the suspense is driving me crazy!
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Old 2005-06-18, 21:57
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August - September... of what year?
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