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Old 2004-07-29, 02:23
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Jul 2004
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zombie holocaust

These are real lyrics and sound best if sung right
Left for dead in unblessed graves
Seeking the souls of the unsaved
Murderous victims of death
Seeking only to avenge their hunger

(Zombie holocaust x2
They’ve come to feast
Zombie holocaust x 2
They’ve come to take the living) chorus

Burning, raping, mutilating
Digging nails through bone and flesh
Ripping teeth through skull and brain
They will feed their death

Diseased corpses of the rotting moon
Coming from hell to tear your skin
Cutting through your heart
Riding out the holocaust


No one can save us from this horror
Death bringers of death
Night stalking terrors from hell
Please god send us a savior clean vocals

Corrupting all life
Nothing is sacred
Ravenous hunger of death
Abominations from beyond the grave

Old 2004-07-31, 01:14
New Blood
Join Date: Jul 2004
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hey. i liked it for the most part. i wasn't wild about the title even though it does summarize the song. the first part of the chorus was a little weak soundin to me as well. but overall i liked it. verses all flowed nicely. ha but most importantly i POSTED in your thread. cause it pisses me off to see that my thread has been viewed 17 times yet never posted on. anyway yeah i liked it

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