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Old 2004-05-31, 17:52
New Blood
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Angelo Double Guitar

Now for a long time i've been thinking about Angelo as like a kinda God :P then i learned to play No Boundaries etc, and it seemed more and more easy to play his songs. And then some one told me to buy a double guitar like Angelo's - But then again i got a bit unsure about if it is even possible to buy? Is it? and could anyone tell me where? :P

I don't have any money though (most guitarists dont?:P), but could be fun to check out the price of such a thing

/King of Loss
Old 2004-05-31, 18:40
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Those things have to be custom made usually and are pricey. Theres already an angelo thread about him and guits infamous guitars:

He also plays a 4 necked guitar that looks like an X.
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