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Old 2004-05-05, 12:39
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Slaughter of the Soul distortion

In the expanded version of "Slaughter Of The Soul" by At the Gates, Tomas mentions in the liner notes the equipment used by them to achieve that sound:
Boss HM-1
Boss MT-2
Peavey Supreme 160
Anders Björler's fucking home-made quadboxes

Has anyone got a clue about the levels in which Anders and Martin use on the album? The ultra-bassy sound is bloody difficult to achieve.
Old 2004-05-05, 15:01
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Well, I play At The Gates sometimes and I have the MT-2 distortion pedal. I've not got the other pedals but I can achieve a pretty good ATG sound (although not exact) by applying the following settings to the MT-2:

Level: set the mark to about 2 o' clock.
EQ (high): set the mark to about 4 o' clock.
EQ (low): set the mark to max.
EQ (middle): set the mark to about 10 o'clock.
EQ (mid freq): set the mark to about 8:30.
Dist: Set the mark to about 3 o' clock.

This works OK for me.
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Old 2005-06-24, 07:40
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How much would you expect to pay for a Peavey Supreme 160 head? (I know they are no longer produced)
Old 2005-06-24, 18:15
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l.o.l. see what others payed for it

and dude... why bump this anyways

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