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Band: Sodom
Album:  In the Sign Of Evil+Obsessed By Cruelty
Song: Witching Metal

Transcribed By: sodomaniac
Email: torbenauras@aol.com

Riff 1:
Start at 0:09 min

pause for bass at 0:39min to 0:46min

stop playing at 2:42 and finish song with this at 2:45
D-----------------------------------------------| |these are 12  (twelve)
A------------------------1/12-1212121212121212~-| |and not 1 and 2 !!!

~ : let ring out


That's it, I think ! Play Riff 1 all the time and listen
to the end of the song to play the end! I am not 100% sure
of the end, but I play it like this and it sounds good to me !
Ths is my first tab, please rate and give corrections if there
are mistakes in it! Thx

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