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Taken with permission from The Crimson Book - http://www.lakeoftears.net

Author/Artist: Lake of Tears
Title: Crimson Cosmos
Album: Crimson Cosmos
Transcribed by: Christian Kupczyk
Email: Loki.row@t-online.de

Please send me any corretions !

Chords for the Verse

          E A  D  G  H  e
c minor : x 10 10 8  8  8

F major : x 8  8  10 10 8

A# major :6 8  8  7  6  6

Chords for chorus

         E A  D  G  H  e
F major  x 8  10 10 10 8

G major  x 10 12 12 12 10

D# major x 6  8  8  8  6

D major  5 5  7  7  7  5

c                           F  A#
  Great Cosmos , eternal ocean

  spring forth now colder motions

c                           F  A#
  break dawn now, break new day

  sweet silent colder changes

c                           F  A#
  Lay still night in the forest

  Bring fall now, bring the ever rest

c                        F  A#
  cold silence , no emotions

  feel changes through the ocean

F             G F
One went to seek the loss
D#            F D#     F   D#   D     D# D
One went to see the darker side of us

one went to seek the cross
only to find a crimson cosmos

Great cosmos, crimson ocean
waves riding empty motions
bring twilight bring new night
now silent demon sleeping

Lay still night for the angels
No laughter or no angers
cold silence, no emotions
feel changes through our ocean


chords: very similar to the chorus
scale : F major (?)

Outro chorus

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