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Artist: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Song: We Will Never Die
Album: Have A Nice Trip

So, i sat down in my dark room, listened to the new DAR album, took my accoustig guitar
and begann to transcript some parts of this Song. It is not ready tabbed, but the other
parts were to difficult for me to listen out....
The Song is played on D, but my guitar is tuned to E , so i transponded this song.
I've only got the verse and chorus (basic chords). i was not able to get the bridge or the solo.

Used Chords:
Verse            Chorus
 D   F   G          A   C   D   A  G
-------------     -------------------
-------------     -------------------
-7---10--12--     --2---5---7--------
-7---10--12--     --2---5---7---7-5--
-5---8---10--     --0---3---2---7-5--
-------------     --------------5-3--

Basic order:
Verse: D D F G D
Chorus: as written above

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