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Danzig "Mother" from DANZIG (1988)

Tabbed by Nick S. (Pantera9560@aol.com) If you E-mail me, use the subj. "Danzig tabs."

Riff 1A - Start w/ a B5 chord the first time. After that it's these chords:

G5       A5        B5

Riff 1B

Riff 1B ending - Pause then strum B5 and A5

Riff 2
E-3-3-3-3--5-5-5-5--7-7-7--- then a pause then play B5 and A5

Riff 2 ending 1 - Strum palm-muted F#5 chord
Riff 2 ending 2 - Strum palm-muted B5 chord

Riff 1C - B5    G5    A5    D5    C#5

Riff 1A 7x
Riff 1B 8x
Riff 2 4x then ending 1
Riff 1B 7x then ending
Riff 2 4x then ending 2
Riff 1A 4x (Don't play B5 at the end of the fourth time)
Riff 2 3x then ending 2
Riff 1C 3x
Riff 1A once
Strum D5 and C#5 3x each time then play a B5 and let it ring.

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