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Band:  Forest of Shadows
Album: Where Dreams Turn to Dust
Song:  Eternal Autumn

Copyright (c)  MCD 2002
Version 0.9 - (7-7-2002)

Transcribed By: NeMesIs
Email:          constheory@yahoo.com

B - Bass Drum      H - Hi-Hat
S - Snare Drum     RC - Ride Cymbal
t - High Tom	 CC - Crash Cymbal
T - Mid Tom	   R - Rest
f - Low Floor Tom

<x> - Intro on soft to hard strike on cymbals
X - Open on Hi-Hats slightly/ Strike hard on Cymbals
x - Close hihat/ strike normal on Cymbals
o - strike on drums
L2S4R - listen to songs for repeats
This is my very first drum tab. As you can see, its still in *beta*
stages. This is, obviously, what I have so far. Its a fairly simple
beat, but if you have anything to correct or contribute please let me

After the intro the guitar fades in sorta and then . . . .


B |-o-|----o----|---|-----------------------------------------------|
S |---|o-------o|---|-----------------------------------------------|
H |---|X-X-X-X-X|---|-----------------------------------------------|


H |-X-X-X-X-X-X-XXX-X|----------------------------------------------|
S |-o-------o-------o|----------------------------------------------|
B |-----o-------oo---|----------------------------------------------|

There's still more to come. I'll update this in the next couple of days.

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