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'Lost Reflection'

transcribed by
  Spyros Soldatos

   Main Riff(till the end of the song ):

  Am                                  Dm              Dsus4  Dm   Dsus2
Locked in this attic been here so many years
 Dm                      Dsus4   Dm  Dsus2
Shanna won't set me free
She says I'm evil but then she doesn't know
I'm not pretending - no, not me
Full moon's reflecting a face in the mirror
Twisted and bleeding
You can't be real, no you're all in my mind
Shades of insanity - you're not me
Life in the attic I like my rocking chair
Staring in shadows
Crouched in my corner waiting for something
Laughing at nothing, no one there
Dm          Dsus4  Dm  Dsus2  Am
On and on I wonder is  there  more
What is life beyond the attic door
The full moon in my eyes is all that's real
The mirror's lost reflection is in me
 Am                               Dm    Dsus4    Dm  Dsus2
Life in the attic, Life in the attic ..
Life in the attic, life in the attic
Cobwebs and dusty dreams, sharp knives and hollow screams
 Dm           Dsus4 Dm Dsus2
Wide eyes of terror
Clawing the attic door, can't take it anymore
You better go away

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