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Taken with permission from The Crimson Book - http://www.lakeoftears.net

Author/Artist: Lake Of Tears
Title: Come Night I Reign
Album: Forever Autumn
Transcribed by: Christian Kupczyk
Email: aeonyzhar@aol.com
Homepage URl : www.aeonyzhar.de (Bandproject -ЖONYZHAR- )

Normal Tuning

Intro :

 Gm                      Gm/A#

1st verse :

Come night comes shadows to your side
Come night comes every tear you cried
come night so comes your time to see

Gm | Gm

2nd verse similiar to the first.

Refrain :

Come night Iґm there again

Come night, Come night i reign

G5 | G5 | Bb5 |

G5    C5       Bb5
Hey,    Beware, for the night will find you
G5    C5       Bb5 G5
Hey,    Beware, for I am there behind you

G5     C5      Bb5 G5  A5
  Hey,  Beware, I slay

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