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Band:  Ensiferum
Album: Iron  2004
Song:  Tears

Copyright (c)  Spinefarm 2006

Transcribed By: (Loek)
Email:          (loek5@hotmail.com)

Tuning E A D G B E

Capo on 5th fret
(Ensiferum plays without capo, this is the easy way)

Intro: Dm C Am (3x) G C Am Em/Am

1st verse:
Am      Em           F         Dm

G       Dm           Em        Am
repeat 5x 1st for first verse

C         G       Dm          G

C       Em       Am       Em / Am
repeat twice

last verse same as first
repeat twice

instrumental part:
Am  C  Dm  Em  G  Dm  Em  C  Em/Am
(repeat from C )



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