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Old 2003-08-11, 02:25
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Dog farts
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Tim Yeung - Decrepit Birth, Vital Remains, Hate Eternal, Agiel, Aurora Borealis.
Tony Laureano - Nile, Internecine, Acheron, Angel Corpse.
Dave Suzuki - Vital Remains.
Jon Longstreth - Origin, Skinless, Angel Corpse, Possession.
Flo Mounier - Cryptopsy, Spasme.
Derek Roddy - Hate Eternal, Nile, Internecine, Divine Empire, Malevolent Creation.
Max Kolesne - Krisiun.
David Haley - Psycroptic.
Matt Byers - Misery Index.
John - Cephalic Carnage.
Richard Christy - Iced Earth, Death, Burning Inside.
Kai Hahto - Rotten Sound.
Steve MacDonald - Gorguts, Asgard.
Patrice Hamelin - Martyr.
Pete Sandoval - Morbid Angel, Terrorizer.

Wow, I got a bit carried away.

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Old 2003-08-11, 21:01
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The Doctor
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johmmy tempesta - testament
Old 2003-08-12, 20:16
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Fucking Nicko McBrain!

and Robert Smissaert offcourse
Feel the ancient rite!

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Old 2003-11-12, 17:09
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John - cephalic carnage
John Longstreth - skinless/origin
kevin talley - dying fetus/misery index
roger - malignancy/mortician (even though he doesn't really shine in that band)
erik - hate eternal
nachos! hmmhmmhee

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