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Old 2004-01-22, 05:58
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Who is saying he worshipped Satan, Undying_Hatred?
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Old 2004-01-22, 09:26
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*sighs* sucks he's dead, though i never heard of 'im, unless you don't count that name meanings thread...

now everybody is going like, hey, do you have any windir songs/cd's?

so hes not in hell but in walhalla... hope the valkyre looked cute
Originally Posted by Darko
Originally Posted by Requiem
Why would you sig that?
Why not? Why would you sig me saying that I hate you? I was serious there, too.

I'm in despair! The internet has left me in despair!
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Old 2004-01-22, 09:32
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What the hell is the matter with you people? Hehe. Are you trying to play "true-evil-I don't give a fuck" ?
No matter if you've heard about him or not, someone has died, and that still sucks. Especially if it wasn't on purpose...
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Old 2004-01-22, 14:09
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Originally Posted by sanderinos
I wasn't joking about that... I made a joke in the name meanings thread on Windir meaning WINdows DIRectory

That message were not aimed at you. It was those other guys...

My friend and drummer who is a fan of Windir sais it was an accident. Valfar were found in a waterfall in the river nearby his cottage, and his canoe was broken in two...and sunken.

Windir is quite good. Not the kind of metal I like best though. And I don't blame Nihilist, beacause I do not know the bands he is listening to, and I think they suck.
Originally Posted by deMANUfacture
Avril lavigne - sk8ter boi

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Old 2004-01-23, 02:05
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I am.
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Old 2004-01-23, 02:24
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I think you misunderstood me. Unless I'm misunderstanding you guys. I meant, I've never heard Windir, I never will because it's not the kind of music that I enjoy listening to, but the fact that he died still sucks.
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