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Old 2003-10-31, 16:39
MadMattUK MadMattUK is offline
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Review My Songs

Hey dudes plz take some time to listen to some recordings ive recently done.



Last edited by MadMattUK : 2003-11-06 at 21:48.
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Old 2003-10-31, 16:52
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id listen to them if they werent encoded in such a shitty proprietary format
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Old 2003-11-09, 21:50
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There was some really sick licks in there. I enjoyed listening to them... but unfortunately, I dont think I'd listen again.

Keep trying though... If you get any new stuff, post it, I'd like to listen to them.
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Old 2003-11-09, 22:03
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Nor would I listen to them again either. Sounds like you were just fucking around and felt like taping it. Just like you said....when I was bored. There was no thought to any of it at all. Except maybe naming them.
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This is my band's page
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Old 2003-11-09, 23:31
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I'm closing this. Do i really need to explain why?

Through me you pass into the city of woe
Through me you pass into eternal pain
Through me among the people lost for ay
Justice the founder of my fabric moved
To rear me was the task of power divine
Supremest wisdom, and primeval love
Before me things create were none, save things
Eternal, and eternal I endure
All hope abandon, ye who enter here

Against the concert of the Immortals he cannot stand alone.
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