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Old 2003-07-14, 10:54
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Bah, same thing.
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Old 2003-07-14, 11:05
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Originally posted by GoredFaces

hehe thats my tab
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Old 2003-07-14, 11:55
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well, cool, and thanx to both of you for your help
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Old 2003-08-05, 15:00
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Hey, if any of you bastards have the time...

Is there any possible chance one of you all could come up with an EXACT transcription of Morbid Angel's Dawn of the Angry, and Immortal Rites? Every one on the net is only partially right, and it pisses me off. So someone get bored and get their ass to work, please.
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Old 2003-08-12, 07:18
Fear-Of-Magnets Fear-Of-Magnets is offline
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Good point

And why do people post tabs that arnt right? Whats the bloody point in that. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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Old 2003-08-13, 03:47
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Re: Good point

Originally posted by Fear-Of-Magnets
And why do people post tabs that arnt right? Whats the bloody point in that. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

if you are complaining so much, why don't you post them yourself!!
...probably you are too lazy for it as well!!

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Old 2003-10-18, 09:57
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REQ: Morbid Angel-Cleansed in Pestilence

ne got this tab or could tab it out for me? thanks
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Old 2003-11-19, 07:31
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MA: AGELESS, STILL I AM tab wanted!!!

I REALLY need this tab (morbid angel)!!! Anybody has it written down or anybody wants to tab it PLEASE??? I can get half of the riffings through the song but not everything..
Hope someone can help me out!!!

Thanks alot in advance!!

(mail me if u got smth:
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Old 2004-09-20, 14:13
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In Rapture I'm Reborn...

Don't know if youre still around Megadeth but I think I could figure out a quite accurate tab of Rapture. I've been working on it lately.
Here for example is the main riff, occuring after the intro:


Palm mute the 7's on E-string and the second-to-last 8 on A-string!

Just tell me what you guys think! I find it is very close to the original.
If you appreciate this I'll figure out the rest as well. This is the most tricky part anyway.

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