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Old 2003-07-07, 23:48
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Amplification Nightmare

hey guys, ok.. heres my dilemma.

i recently joined the band Aborticus(not that that means anything to yall, just throwin the name out), prior to that i havent been with a ... loud enough band to have needed a halfstack. Right now i have a line 6 flextone 2 2x12 combo that im using as a head and running it through one of our other guitarists peavey 4x10 cab i believe it is... anyway, to make a long story short, i need/want to acquire a new halfstack because our other guitarist uses a mesa boogie dual rectifier and it just blows my ampage away, he has to turn down a lot in order to hear both guitars and it doesnt get over the drums all that well. So my question is, what would be the best equipment for the job, preferrably not too super highly priced?
\m/... or something
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Old 2003-07-08, 03:10
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something tube, something 100 watts... something expensive.

depends on what kinda tone you're looking for too. you might get wiser looking at the 'buying a head and a cabinet' thread here in the gear zone.
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