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Old 2006-08-02, 16:34
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Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
Ok, here's a you guys cut your fingernails short? I do, I hate that "fingernail/picked tone" when I'm trying to pluck. It comes out more when playing fast.

I keep a nail trimmer in my bass case.

I would like to try growing the nails long one day to hear what it sounds like, but the problem is that they don't grow very fast in one day .... and I'm pretty impatient with that sort of thing. See the problem is that if you want the twangy nail-hitting sound you probably want to get it on every note, not just some of the notes depending on the angle of your fingers to whatever string you are hitting. So you need to grow them pretty long, which takes weeks, months even. In the meantime, you feel stupid playing bass because sometimes you accidentally hit the string with your nail but the nails are not long enough so that you can get that sound on every note.

So, fuck that, I say. I shorten my nails every time I hear my nail hit the string, like once a week.
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