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Old 2008-12-28, 20:02
MorbidGuitar's Avatar
MorbidGuitar MorbidGuitar is offline
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Identify this guitar body

Hi, can someone identify this guitar body? Will likely be an Ibanez (i think)
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Old 2008-12-29, 07:49
Gomli's Avatar
Gomli Gomli is offline
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I think it is a Ibanez body:

kind alike?
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Old 2008-12-30, 05:25
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Looks like an Ibanez S series
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Old 2009-01-01, 17:23
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MorbidGuitar MorbidGuitar is offline
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Posts: 1,171
Originally Posted by Gomli
I think it is a Ibanez body:

kind alike?

yeah its very close. The body has a bit different style to it (almost better...) but i was told this guitar will take a 24 fret 25 1/2 inch scale neck.

So that being said, does it actually matter what neck goes on it? Besides the obvious, whats the difference between installing a 21/22 fret or a 24? It should tune and play properly with either size neck, am i right?
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Old 2009-04-19, 21:58
Resonance Resonance is offline
New Blood
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Looks more like a....

low end ESP LTD MH body. I could be wrong, but it's a very close match. It's also possible that its a Schecter body...but unlikely since most Schecters aren't set up with classic trem (fender strat style) bridges. It isn't an S-body Ibanez--they are thinner. It could also be an old Yamaha RGX or RGZ body.
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Old 2009-04-20, 03:12
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Kinda reminded me of this Cort model.
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Old 2009-04-21, 13:40
Deathmaster213 Deathmaster213 is offline
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Looks like a Schecter C series.

I don't know which model exactly (with that Pickup/trem rout combination) but the horn beveling looks similar.
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Old 2011-01-26, 15:52
Midnight Empire's Avatar
Midnight Empire Midnight Empire is offline
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I dunno. I own an Ibanez S series and it doesn't look much like it at all.
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Old 2011-02-02, 03:45
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Looks like an Epiphone by Gibson. I was given a guitar that was missing parts and it looked, from my memory, a lot like the one you posted. Said guitar was a Epiphone but I cannot remember what model.
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