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Old 2004-05-22, 12:10
Nothingface4TehWin Nothingface4TehWin is offline
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Originally Posted by Transient
oh fuck that
who deleted my posts? this thread blows anyways, and my posts should have been left there. i thought those out and i had a message

mods, that was a real shitty thing to do

they were off topic, as is the post u have done there.

James murphy was an ok guitarist.
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Oh Kali
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Old 2004-05-22, 12:43
Transient's Avatar
Transient Transient is offline
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just ok?

i dont care if theyre off topic, i e-kicked your ass
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Old 2004-05-22, 12:50
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Arnstein Arnstein is offline
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By best, do you mean best in skills or the one that has made best riffs/songs?
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Old 2004-05-22, 13:56
atifman atifman is offline
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Forum Leader
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dammit, can't you cats go 2 days without bickering?
I deleted the posts, 'cause they were off-topic. enough said. I don't care if you wrote a novel to prove the point wrong of some moron on the internet.

refer to this thread if you have more questions:

Next time anybody else who starts shit, you will be referred to nomad, and he'll ban you. *cough cough* Nothingface4thewin *cough*
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