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Old 2009-06-09, 21:02
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double bass problem

ok so i can get my double bass up to a good speed but i cant get any faster. i practice at least 2-3 hrs a day on just double bass and when i get to faster speeds i feel like my right leg is being forced to keep up with my left and i cant seem to be using my ankle to get that springy smooth hits that i once could do no problem. i feel as if im barley pushing down on the pedal because my right leg isnt bouncing around with ease like my left. This is mad frustating cause my right leg was once the dominant and now my foot position feels as if its crooked or like my foot is on its side or leaning to one side. so its a bit harder to use my ankle but when i try to keep it strait its just as hard. im thinking i need to practice more but mabye its my technique. any help would be good lol.
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Old 2009-06-11, 18:27
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try something like this, there are other methods but this could help you get a good technique going.

other than that just practice
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