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Old 2009-05-03, 15:39
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DSL 100 VS DSL 50

Hey, I have played the DSL 100 and loved it, but I can get a dsl 50 for 500 dollars and was wondering how you folks would compare them. THanks
Will the 50 handle un-micd gigs?

EDIT: also can anyone compare an od808 adn od-9 by maxon? thanks.
Also tube scramers, How are they different from the overdrives?

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Old 2009-05-04, 10:18
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Yes if the 100 woulda been able tohandle it... IIRC theres very little actual volume difference between 50 and 100watts ? something like 3db... However if ya can push more air it would be better

especially with a tube amp, you wanna get some of that sexy power tube break up, so push it to the max and add more speakers.
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Old 2009-05-06, 14:20
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I've got a DSL 100 and my band mates got a 50watt version and theres really not that much in it, there ridiculously loud when maxed , and from what i can make out the DSL100 has a slightly fuller bass when maxed, but its not incredibly different,

My DSL100 has now become slightly to loud for my needs now, although i love it to death
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