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Old 2008-09-20, 19:03
vjw757 vjw757 is offline
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Rackable amps

sup guys.

Im looking for an amp that is rackable. an amp that will give me a decent metal / death metal sound.

I have just ordered a 12 space rack. id like to fit the amp im using now in the rack. but fat chance on that one.

heres the sound im working with now. Please dont laugh. i know i suck. lol.. but im working on that.
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Old 2008-09-21, 17:10
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Soulinsane Soulinsane is offline
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Randall MTS. Its a pretty bad ass amp system plus there are rack units.
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Old 2008-09-21, 17:53
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Mesa Racktifier! Quite possibly the coolest piece of rack gear that someone could own

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Old 2008-09-22, 06:45
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I just bought me a nice Randall RGT-100 HT. Terribly cheap and thus awesome!
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Old 2008-09-27, 20:06
xdislexicx xdislexicx is offline
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Mesa Racktifier Dual Recto and the Rivera TBR-1 SL come to mind.

Some Mesa Boogie Mark series amps can be rack mounted.

There are tons of great preamps and poweramps available if you want to mix it up.
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