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Old 2008-07-31, 11:12
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ENGL Thunder vs Screamer vs Fireball

Hey there. I'm a newcomer to this forum. I was wondering what the gain differences between these 3 ENGLs are. I want cheap, but I also want a really tight, high gain sound with boosted mids. I don't need features, I just need tone. What is the difference and which one will suit me the best, keeping in mind that money is tight.

Oh and also, I really have no means of trying one, so don't tell me to do it.
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Old 2008-08-01, 04:15
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They all have enough gain to do everything you want.
It's probably more of a question how 'tight' or how 'compressed' you want it.

But yeah, you can do deathmetal with all three of them. So for anyother genre it should be fine too.
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Old 2008-08-01, 09:11
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The Fireball is the amp for you.

No features.

No gimmicks.

Just gain, valves, 2 red LED's and pure, blistering distortion.

The clean aint too bad either.
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