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Old 2008-06-10, 17:55
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Originally Posted by MetalThrashingMad
Learn a trade. That way you'll always have a job, you'll be making ~30 bucks an hour, plus your skill will actually be useful, compared to some desk job where you're not really even... useful

This is absolutely what you should do.

If you don't fancy traditional university education, do something vocational.

If you are academically minded then go to uni and do something useful like training as a scientist, or at least do a scientific subject which actually qualifies you to do something not everyone else can.

My (horribly biased) opinion is don't waste your time doing something that will set you up for nothing. Unless you are passionate about, and shit-hot at, an artistic subject I would forget it for university study as the only degree-relavent career is school teaching. Most school teachers I know hate their jobs, but it is your call.

If you want a high fliying desk job in *dubious job title* with companies like *snappy acronym* in the city earning $ridiculous, then do any degree at a top university right ASAP - they want young blood.

One last point - you can go to university whenever you like, there is no mystical 18-21 window of oppertunity. If you're unsure, save your money until you know you want to spend it.
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