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Old 2007-11-08, 22:12
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Haha yeah. Well everyone sucked until Decapitated imo. Arsis would have kicked ass if the drums weren't 30% louder than the guitars.

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Old 2007-11-14, 16:45
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Holy Christ that was a fucking amazing concert.

Beneath The Massacre are sweet, metal from Montreal. Vocalist looked like a fucking gorilla he was so fucking huge.
Gojira put on an amazing show, and the pits were sick. "WE ARE GOJIRA, AND WE ARE FROM FRANCE!" hilarious shit. The lighting for them was amazing.
Job for a cowboy....
Behemoth was amazing. Nergal walks on with a fucking bible, and flips thru it. He then sais "i Hope there aren't any Christians in here...because we don't like them...because i've been reading thing..AND I DON'T BELIEVE THIS PIECE OF SHIT!" then rips up, lights it on fire, and throws the now blood drenched (don't know where the blood came from) bible into the audience.
absolutely awesome show.
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