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Old 2007-05-10, 12:23
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After yesterday we played with NAPALM DEATH, tomorrow we are going to record to a STUDIO. Itīs my first time, so if you had any recomendations or tricks to use there, please tell me.

Thank you.

This post could be the one that has all the tricks and things like that we use for record.
Could include links to sites, etc.

THank you!

For example, use a something like a hancerchief (i donīt know how it writes), to silent the other strings when you,re doing a tapping.
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Old 2007-05-10, 13:13
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Play everything flawless, practise songs alone to see if there aren't any 'weak' parts you need to tighten up.

Be sure to chill out, bring a couple of beers and shit. Some guys get stressed out from recording and freak out. (like, suddenly they can't nail the riff they've been playing for 2 years)
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Old 2007-05-10, 13:14
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handkerchief is the proper spelling

studio tips eh? well yeah muting the strings is one common one. i would stay away from pot or beer or anything while you're recording. make sure everyone gets to voice their opinion on the mix/levels.

when you're playing back a final mix, turn it down until its almost inaudible. then listen closely- if you can't hear an instrument it should probably be raised in the mix!

good luck

figures the dutch guy comes in and says bring beer
he has a valid point. you know your body and yourself, how youll play best

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Old 2007-05-10, 13:29
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yeah, to each his own ofcourse.

Oh and usually the mix will be done by the soundguy, depending on the method of recording the mix can be adjusted afterwards. Ofcourse mastering will also influence the whole picture.

One tip, when the recordings are done, get a copy and listen to it at home. It allways sounds different at home or in your car stereo. Listen to it for like a week and THEN go for the final cut with the last adjustments.
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Old 2007-05-13, 11:59
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I don't know if you've been to the studio yet but...
Listen to your engineer. If you think he knows what he is doing listen to him. Sometimes a recording engineer will tell you to drop some lows or something or the other. Listen to him. It will be for the good of the record. When it comes down to record time, however, don't rely on your engineer even if he is the best around. Your performance in the studio will directly affect your record. So the better you play the better the recording will be.

If you play badly, it will be like polishing a piece of shit. All you'd get is shiny shit.
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Old 2007-05-14, 12:52
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all i can say is just relax and take your time. Try to think positive, or you ll just start fucking up. Tis also good to talk to the sound tech and see what he s like
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