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Old 2014-07-08, 11:11
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PA for the great outdoors

Hey, just on the offhand chance that someone actually still reads posts here.

We're looking at the possibility of investing in a PA system for our family company's horse event facility. It will mainly be used for speech, so relatively low demands on that side, but as we all know - outdoors is a bitch. The large dressage path is 24x60 meters, so you can imagine an area around that, with people milling about, horses being horses and cars being cars.

I've been shopping around a bit locally, and the store that I'm generally most fond of around here wants to sell me a set-up with four Yamaha 1100W active speakers along with a small cheap mixer. I've heard good stuff about this set-up from other places close by, but it's a steep price and as always you wonder what active speakers can do that a somewhat larger number of passives to a smaller total price can't do. Any thoughts, recommendations or horrible experiences you like to share much appreciated!
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