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Old 2007-03-22, 15:43
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The GH100Ti and the GH100L are almost the same amp. In regards to bass content, its all about perspective. So many metal amps these days are incredibly bassy that other amps sound thin by comparison. IMO these types of Laneys sit perfectly in a band situation. Amps like the Powerball and Dual Rec's just overpower the low frequencies.
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Originally Posted by the_bleeding
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Old 2007-03-22, 16:08
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Originally Posted by Casketcrusher
Laney all the way.

Speaking of. What is the GH100Ti head like. The Tony Iommi head. My friend was looking for a good priced, high gain head. Would it be good for Death Metal? I hear Laney's are really clean sounding and not a lot of bass. But I've played the GH100L and thought it was alright.

laneys have more bass than marshalls
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Old 2007-03-23, 17:06
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I got the Laney 2007 catalogue today and the GH100Ti sounds immense, permenant 5 gain stages linked to the master volume! Doesn't sound like it would handle cleans too well.... I'm still totally undecided on this, maybe I'll try and find some more clips of the Laney.

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