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Old 2011-07-18, 07:10
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Originally Posted by CannibalXampire
What do you get when you light a baby on fire and throw him down a staircase?
An erection.

Wrong. Awesome.
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Old 2014-05-14, 04:56
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Time for a fookin' joke, eh.

This joke is men's only; don't tell your wife this joke:

Jim gets married, and he's back at work after his vacation. Him and his coworker Pat are putting together a transformer... actually they're just bullshitting.
Pat: So Jim, how was the honeymoon?

Jim has this petrified look on his face, his hands are shaking. He looks up, his hands shaking. Jim says, "I'm so horny I can't take it anymore!"

Pat: Well, you just got married I thought. Why don't you go fuck your wife?
Jim: Well, I would like to but she has gonorrhea.
Pat: Shit, that's okay, why don't you do it oral, like the French do it, and fuck her mouth?
Jim: Well, I would like to, but she has pyorrhea.
Pat: Well, shit... that's okay. Why don't you do it like the Greeks do it, and NAIL HER in the ASS?
Jim: Well, I would like to, but she's got diarrhea.
Pat: What the fuck were you thinking when you decided to marry this bitch anyways?
Jim: Well, to be honest, she also has worms... and I LOVE to fish.
( ( ) )
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