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Old 2009-09-24, 19:24
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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Children of Bodom yet. I like everything up to and including Hate Crew Deathroll but they just got fucking ridiculously boring after that imo.

Fear Factory after Demanufacture were fucking godawful, and after their first two albums Pitchshifter went downhill quite fast too. Examples of two really good industrial metal bands degenerating into Nu Metal dross.

Reinkaos by Dissection was a disappointment in my opinion, not really bad but definitely not what I was expecting and in no way does it measure up to their early works.

I don't find Meshuggah's first album very good either, compared to the awesomeness that was everything they've done ever since.

Also, am I the only person who likes all of Dark Tranquillity's stuff? I honestly don't think they've done a bad album at all.
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Old 2009-09-26, 13:42
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Their Last one wasn't that great, I don't think. Everything else was good. Character can get pretty boring after a while, though.

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