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Old 2006-09-11, 03:11
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Floyd Rose "Graphite"

Well, I have LO PRO (II i think) on my RG, and the bridge is apparently made of Graphite.

I'm sure as many of you know, Graphite is an allotrope of Carbon, a very tough substance indeed, with a boiling point of about 3000'C, naturally black colour, and it conducts well.

Naturally, it also has a greasy substance, and can rub off (molecularly by layers).

Well, parts of my bridge and nut (where I frequently put my hand when playing guitar) have begun to rub off.

But first of all, this 'graphite' on my hardware is not really black, it's a weird blackish / dark grey colour.

So anyway, there are parts where silver colour has been exposed. What the hell. If graphite naturally can rub off, why the fuck would anyone coat hardware in it. As clearly, the entire pieces of hardware are not made of graphite, since the silver colour has been exposed.

I mean, this is a pretty small problem, but i'm dumbfounded. 'Graphite' sounds like a higher quality material to make instrument parts out of, but is it really?

I'm sure many of you also have graphite nuts, anyone have similar issues?

I love you all
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Old 2006-09-11, 03:20
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Yup dude, my RG 570's bridge is worn as fuck, and my nut is starting to deteriorate as well. But it's all still in one piece and stays in tune so I don't worry too much.
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Old 2006-09-19, 07:49
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Graphite has incredibly low friction, plus it's very light. If your bridge was made completely out of pure graphite it probably would not stand much abuse as graphite is pretty fragile. Try dropping a graphite acoustic guitar to see what I mean... if you can afford it.

GHS makes this little white ceramic-derived paste that reduces friction dramatically. You can use it on your guitar's nut, trem pivot screws, or even where the strings meet the bridge. Just a dab, helps assloads if your trem is worn out or just simply to keep it lubed and last for a long time.
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