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Old 2006-07-02, 16:04
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Ok, im searching for an affordable (not some $200 boutique mother), octave pedal that must be able to produce an octave above the original. I don't mind whether it can do below, but it must do above.

Incidentally, if anyone would be able to point me to or draw up/assist me in building one, that'd be just as good.

Point-to-note: im not looking for an octave/fuzz pedal, simply octave on its own


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Old 2006-07-02, 17:01
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unfortunately this is the only item i believe will do a positive octave shift:

it has tons of useless junk on useless

EDIT: DigiTech Whammy pedal works too but its 200 bucks

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Old 2006-07-03, 01:12
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i have the whammy II, love it for what i do, like immitation whammy bar dives(detune or oct down depending on how big of a dive), key change mid song(detune), distorted industrial bass line sounds(oct down), or weird screechy high shit for a irritating sound(oct1 and oct2 ups), and then the flangey/chorus sounds i get from the other "detune section"... i never really venture into the harmonizing area, though it sounds fine, it just isnt something i use.

i paid $130 used for this pedal and i think i got my moneys worth.

but i must say on the octive up settings, as with most pitch shifters, it really only sounds good one note at a time, otherwise it gets that garbling sound which depending on what you're going for may or may not be good.

you can probably buy the boss one for cheaper used, it's also smaller and sounds comparible in quality to the whammy for the oct up stuff, and also has intelligent pitch shifting.
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Old 2006-07-03, 04:02
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Originally Posted by xdislexicx
but i must say on the octive up settings, as with most pitch shifters, it really only sounds good one note at a time, otherwise it gets that garbling sound

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