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Old 2006-05-25, 18:50
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On a sidenote, Bible Basher is an awesome song, I really like it. Anyway, I think it's kind of funny that damn near everyone around here hates them. I like them somewhat, but with all of the harsh criticism I've heard of them, and just the fact that they're not utterly fantastic, I haven't listened to much more than the stuff on Best of Deicide or whatever it's called, and I think I'll keep it that way.

Far as the poster goes, if they didn't actually make it, then it's a shitty rap, but if they did, then they're idiots.
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Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
You really have no dignity. I would rather have sex with my fifty year old father.
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Old 2006-05-25, 19:14
Doktorskell Doktorskell is offline
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We're talking about Chile here arent we?

Chile is the most catholic country in the world apart from Italy/Rome
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Old 2006-06-04, 22:02
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sucking up

You know..........Ralph could have just been trying to make himself look good in front of the Chilean public, or not good but................not as worthy of getting stoned in the town square. Remember how big it was when Pope Jean Paul II died? It seemed like all of the news reporters were claiming to be catholic on multiple stations..........just something to think about. And i just can't wrap my mind around how anyone could be Christian, much less Catholic, and be in Deicide......that's something only Steven Hawkins could figure out.
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Old 2006-06-05, 01:18
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Meh,steve was wrong.
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Old 2006-06-14, 02:32
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DEICIDE is a great band

Ralph Santolla and Jack Owen are just musicians, I don't think they indentify themselves with Death Metal, so their opinion doesn't count, ask Benton or Asheim for the ideological part, those two are Deicide, the others are just guitar players, musicians. Jack Owen left Cannibal Corpse because he didnt want to play Death Metal anymore, maybe he is in Deicide just for the money, a fact that if it is truth it's really fucking wrong. And R.Santolla the same, but I don't know what he likes more, money or playing guitar, I really don't know much about him. But if he can't stand Anti-christianism and Satanism he shouldn't be playing in that band, that's hypocrisy, he should be kicked out for saying that.
Deicide is one of my fauvorite bands, but I don't worship them, I just worship metal music, justice at any price, things like that. People change, that's why I don't worship people. I can admire people for some things but not worship them as if they were gods. Ideas remain the same....blablabla 'til the fucking end.
Im not a Satanist of any kind, but I do hate almost every thing about christianity, and I think people have a wrong idea of Satan, evil, etc. because they follow fucking human "braindead"(a word Benton uses a lot) preachers.

I know its hard for me to express myself, especially in English, so you don't need to make fun of the way I write, 'cause I already do that.
"I believe in nothing,
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because I can't take the smell of it"
EXODUS - Shroud Of Urine (Tempo Of The Damned)
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Old 2006-06-14, 03:10
buried_alive buried_alive is offline
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[QUOTE=TruthDevoid]What the hell drugs are you on? Saying Jack can't play Deicide solos. Ha! Those solos are cool, but they're not really all that hard, especially for someone who wrote and played in Cannibal Corpse! QUOTE]

Anyone that ha sviewed Deicides 'when london burns' DVD can see that jack can't handle the leads.... the other guy on the DVD (Dave Suzuki) handles all the leads nearly note for note, jacks leads are piece of shit blues leads with bitchy slides throughout them... jack is a good guitarist... but on the DVD he really doesnt handle the leads well, for an example the serpeants of the light lead jack does on the DVD and the actual song lead...
jack conveniently skips the sweeps
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