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Old 2006-03-12, 09:06
northerndragon northerndragon is offline
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question regarding scale length(I think)

So a couple weeks ago, I was playing my guitar teachers guitar and I noticed his strings are a lot easier to pick, and by that i mean theyre a lot looser by the pickups. I currently own an LTD EC-1000, and he owned a les paul. my question is, what do I need to know before hand about buying aguitar online (the only way I can get a good guitar in my area) to make sure it plays that good. I recollect that my old guitars were a little easier as well.

Im tuned to D standard, i use 10 gauge strings and the action is fairly low by default.

nÝrthern dragon
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Old 2006-03-12, 12:23
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why don't you just ask your teacher ?
wake and bake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 2006-03-12, 16:24
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In regard to the scale length, using the same string guage on a 24 3/4" as opposed to a 25 1/2" will see less tension on the former. However, the same effect can be gained on a 25 1/2" by using a lesser guage string. eg. use 9-42 instead of 10-46.

The difference between these two scale lengths primarily comes down to your comfort level when playing. Other than tonal characteristics, for extreme down tuning you're usually better off with a longer scale length.

When it comes to buying online without trying first it is always going to be tricky. Your best bet is to find something that appeals to you and ask if anyone else has played one on forums such as these.
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